Hunting Africa

Africa is a huge continent and offers the extreme hunter a variety of options to choose from. No other country in the ‘world’ can offer you what Africa has to offer. On most, if not all hunters’ – wish list, is Africa, and Africa will most likely remain on top of this list. No other hunting experience, can offer you such an exhilarating experience like hunting in Africa.

Many hunters have had this opportunity and privilege; however millions have yet to discover this fantastic and awesome adventure. An adventure of a life time, giving you the opportunity of not only hunting “the most notorious & dangerous” animals on the planet, but also having the experience of being able to take down a super trophy, on virtually every day of your hunt!

What We Offer

If you haven’t hunted Africa before, chances are that you missing out ‘big time’.

Africa has always been high on the priority list of almost any hunter throughout the world. Although many hunters have had a taste of what Africa has to offer, millions have yet to experience this wonderful opportunity.

Africa can offer you the best and most thrilling hunting safari you will ever experience. We have a variety of options for you to choose from and have operations in almost all of the primary hunting destinations in Africa. Visit our destinations page for more detail.

Contrary to what many people believe, hunting in Africa can be even more cost effective than hunting in your country. You are also virtually guaranteed that you can shoot something every day of your safari.

Africa has abundant wild life, and you will get to experience sights and sceneries like you have never seen before.

There are typically three types of hunt’s offered in Africa:

  • A BIG 5 Hunt (Africa’s notorios big five animals)
  • A Plains Game Hunt (offering you a wide variety of Africa’s antelope species)
  • Wingshooting Hunt (for the bird hunters).
  • Real Africa Safari Holdings however also has a photographic safari division and can offer you excellent ‘game fishing safaris’ too.
  • The Africa coast line has some of the best ‘game fishing waters’ in the world and you can be sure to have a splendid fishing adventure.