Estancia Los Cerritos

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estancia Los Cerritos is located in the province of La Pampa; the heart of the big game hunting area of Argentina, at 450 miles from Buenos Aires, where our exotic game was introduced from Europe for the very first time in the country, more than one hundred years ago. The environment is flat and brushy and the hunts are conducted either in the thick forest or the open range pastures where the game use to be for grassing. Its’ game quality is the result of relentless grind of genetics improvements. In that sense, hunters will be able to find the best quality available in the country for more of fifteen big game hunting species including red stag, axis deer, fallow deer, wild boar, black-buck, water buffalo, multi horn ram and mouflon, among others.

The Outfitter

Patricio Geijo started his long experience as a hunter more than forty years ago when still being a kid his father taught him the principles of sportive hunting and conservationism in their frequent getaways to the Argentinean country side.

When Patricio grew up, that love for wildlife and nature became in passion for outdoors, specially for big game hunting. He was hunting in all the territories of Argentina and after a while, abroad the boundaries of his country.

Being PhD in Economics, he left his comfortable life at the office and became in professional hunter for his own joy and the convenience of his clients who enjoy all his hospitality as a host as well as his knowledge and experience about hunting.

The Hunting

This hunting area is one of the few in the whole country which offers the best big game hunting and wing shooting in the same place all year round. During the red deer rut season (March /April) the hunt takes place on early morning and late evening when the stags are roaring in the forest. When it slows down we can go for other trophies of the wide variety of species that this ranch offers. Still hunting can be also done from a blind. This ranch is one of the very few of Argentina where hunters can book a successful hunt of red stag after the roaring season due of the high number of individuals roaming around our vast hunting area. As for bird shooting, doves & pigeon is what we do in true Argentinean way: high volume. The quality of our trophies, the volume of birds and the combination of both of them together made this destination famous around the world.

The Accommodations

Los Cerritos lodge resides in a 10,000 acres ranch along the beautiful Quehue Valley in one of the wildest regions of Argentina. It fea-tures a club house where all social activites are developed and eight double bedrooms with private bathroom in a four luxury bunga-lows located in the middle of the bush. A special suite is also available for the guests. The lodge provides Wi-Fi Internet, satellite TV, cell phone service, conditioning air and all the comfort required by the international standards. Meals are prepared by professional chefs based in finest Argentinean beef and game meat. Quality wine from the cellar of the ranch is another highlight of the place.