Lomitas Ranch

Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Located in the Northwest part of Argentina in the Province of Santiago del Estero. The lodge is located in the countryside and just a short 30 minute drive from SDE airport. It has been designed from the ground up to be the exact lodge that an avid sportsman would enjoy on an Argentina hunting trip. Lomitas Ranch is located in one of the prettiest areas in Santiago del Estero and within the main dove fly-way. You will see millions of dove flying directly overhead all day long. Shooting spots are just a short walking distance from the dinning room.

The Lodge

The lodge looks like a classic old countryside home, but it is actually only four years old, so it has all of the modern touches, including Internet throughout! The lodge features hand-hewn beams, tile floors, lots of heavy wood, beautiful landscaping, eight oversize bedrooms and the main resting and dinning room with all of the architectural touches found in the classic old Argentine estancias.

Accommodations at the Lodge allow us to receive up to 18 guests in its six comfortable separate bedrooms, each with its on-suite bathroom. Wide porches furnished with wood chairs surrounded by green grass with a fire pit, are one of the favorite gathering places for the guests staying at the Lomitas Lodge. The spacious great room features the main seating area focused on the attractive fireplace, wet bar, refrigerator or big screen for movies or TV, and guests are enchanted by the thick brick walls hung with native and exotic hunting trophies and birds from the local area. Dining is a wonderful experience with meals prepared by our executive chef and featuring famed Argentine beef, Italian, Spanish and German specialties, delicious game dishes, homemade desserts and of course, delightful Argentine wines.

Our eight comfortable guest rooms are available with a king size bed, double or triple occupancy depending on different group’s size. Our plan is to add two additional bedrooms ready for future hunting seasons.

The Hunting

Our hunting area is Santiago del Estero, northwest zone of Argentina, a true paradise for wingshooters, with large forests and farming areas The virgin habitat found here is home for millions of doves and Their abundance Increases year to year mainly due to the ever growing number of harvest fields with barely Numerous roosting areas and low hunting pressure.


Dove hunting is allow the whole year round with no limit of birds. For this reason the number of dove each hunter can take every day (usually 2,000 or more) will depend upon your own physical skill and not on the number of doves, que are uncountable.

Pigeon Hunting:

Surely Santiago del Estero has the highest population of Pigeons into Argentina, There are two species of pigeons found In this area, the larger picazuro spottle and the pigeon. Pigeons are unpredictable, quick and offer an exhilarating challenge Tireless shotgunners scouting and amazing Bird Populations That Ensure our clients enjoy the most consistent pigeon shooting in Argentina. We employ a motorized carousel with a couple of pigeons as decoys to Attract other pigeons. Decoyed pigeon is a true gentleman’s hunt.

Duck Hunting:

Ducks over decoys is another exciting choice. This area has a great variety of different species Including chiloe wigeon, shoveler network, rosy-billed pochard, yellow-billed pintail, white-cheeked pintail, fulvous tree duck, white-faced tree duck, Brazilian teal, cinnamon teal, silver teal, ringed teal, speckled teal, black-headed duck, rudy duck and Argentine blue-bill.

Partridge Hunting (Upland bird):

Partridge hunting dogs over pointers: The “partridge” (partridge) hunt over pointers serves to complement and balance our dove, pigeon and duck hunts. It’s a change of pace since it Involves walking about the countryside rather than standing in the same spot or blind. You will find not only the small “partridge” (very common in Argentina and Uruguay) but Also the larger and slippery “Ranger” known for its excellent table fare. These partridges are hunted in cultivated cereal fields, alfalfa and / or grass areas. You can expect to shoot your bag limit of partridges in half a day’s hunt. Including We offer different packages Hot Barrelled Doves, Cast & Blast and Mixed Bag For the most exquisite hunters . ACCORDING thrips We Could customize your preferences.


  • Doves All Year Round: No Bag Limit
  • Pigeons: All Year Round, 100 per day
  • Small Partridge: April 1 – August 22, 10 per day
  • Ranger: April 1 – August 22, 10 per day
  • Martineta (Copetona): April 1 – August 22, 5 per day
  • Ducks: April 1 – August 22, 20 per day