Posta del Norte

Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is the premier dove shooting destination in the world. Lodge is strategically located between the two most important roosts in Cordoba – Macha and Churqui. Drive times are on average 30 minutes due to this strategic location. At Posta del Norte there is access to over 150,000 acres of shooting fields. Shooting is tailored for the clients. In other words, high volume shooters will get high volume and “tall bird” shooters will be places accordingly.

The Lodge

The lodge is located 70 kilometers north of Cordoba airport. Amazing gaucho bar and nice living areas for social interaction. Lodge maintains a very cozy and warm ambiance. Makes clients feel right at home. Six very comfortable rooms each with a private bathroom. One extra loft room which is charming.

The Service

Posta del Norte lodge focuses on privacy as groups of 4 or more can reserve the entire lodge. This lodge is perfect for the family, friends, and business. We offer World class “white glove” service. The staff is trained for 15 years by a previous owner who was known for impeccable service. Delicious Argentinean cuisine will be served during your stay. Which included juicy steaks and Malbec wines. The staff is very friendly and makes visitors feel like Posta del Norte is your home away from home.