La Tany Lodge

Punte del Este, Uruguay
Pigeon Hunting Lodge

Uruguay is a small South American country, just northeast of Argentina. It is about the same size as Pennsylvania. It is rich in agriculture especially rice, sunflower, sorghum and corn.

Punta del Este is 80 miles from Montevideo, and it is considered the most exclusive summer resort in South America with marvelous golden beaches combined with pine woods and spectacular surroundings. For entertainment you may choose between peaceful and quite spots and/or enjoying casinos, shopping, shows and many other options at only 10 minutes drive from the lodge.

The Lodge

La Tany is located in Punta Ballena a privileged spot with unbelievable sun downs.

We accommodate the hunters in a beautiful house built up in a hill overlooking a small bay with 5 comfortable rooms –all of them overlooking the immensity of the sea.

And for leisure, there is a swimming-pool with a panoramic view, and a barbecue where the best beef in the world is served.

Eduardo will have his own personal chef to prepare meals for the group. Excellent wines will be served with each meal.

We are very fortunate to have this property available for our hunting program.

The Hunting

You will be able to hunt full day of pigeon from March till April.

We will be shooting the pigeons over decoys at a maximum driving distance of 40 minutes from the lodge. Guides will put the decoys in nearby trees and on the ground. The pigeons are quick to come in. They decoy great. As you shoot the pigeons they will be added to your decoys. These are very large birds and they are very sporty. You can expect to fire 15 boxes of shells.

Uruguay has hosted foreign sportsmen for several years and while it has not received the volume of publicity as its neighbor Argentina, the secret is starting to get out; Uruguay has a great wing shooting.