Santa Elena Lodge

Dove & Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay is a very safe and a beautiful country. There is almost no crime and the people are friendly and everyone likes Americans. Eduardo Gonzalez runs this trip from May 1st to August 1st. High volume shooting, the best Perdiz hunting and the great operation of “Santa Elena Lodge”. This is a first class hunting experience and a nice combination.

The Lodge

Santa Elena Lodge was sumptuously built in 1806. It is one of the most important lodges in the country with 70.000 acres. The lodge offers commodities to everyone. It can comfortably accommodate 21 people.

It has 15 bedrooms with king size beds and air conditioning, 13 bathrooms, 2 big dining rooms, a bar, a gun room, a swimming pool, two indoor barbecues and one open barbecue where you will taste the finest beef in all Uruguay. Excellent local wines will be served with each meal, as well as traditional desserts. Overall, an experience you cannot afford to miss. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Perdiz Hunting

Eduardo Gonzalez has one of the best kennels of Brittany Spaniels in Uruguay. When you arrive in Montevideo, Eduardo’s staff will meet you there. They will assist the group through immigration and customs. There will be a quick hunt on the arriving afternoon. The next three days will be full hunting and the last day there will be hunting in the morning, then travel back to Montevideo to catch the flight to U.S. It is about 2 hours drive to the airport. You do not need to take a charter flight to come back, and then you get a better price in your trip fee.

Every morning we will have a full breakfast at the lodge and then leave for Perdiz hunt in nearby fields. We have over than 600.000 acres of pastures available and exclusive for “Santa Elena” hunters. For those unfamiliar with Perdiz, it is an upland game bird little bigger than quail. Eduardo’s dog work is well known and some of his dogs have worked for ESPN channel. On a normal morning, two hunters, a dog and a guide can expect to flush 30-50 Perdiz in two hours of easy walk. After this we come back to the lodge for lunch and “siesta”.

In the afternoon we will hunt dove going to roost. You can expect to shoot 1000-1500 shells in an afternoon. We will return to the lodge in plenty time for a snack and a drink before dinner.

Dove Hunting

The program consists in three full days and two half days shooting. The staff will assist the groups through customs. From the airport the groups will be transferred to the lodge which is about 2 hours drive. The group will start hunting on the afternoon of the arriving day. The next three days will be full hunting and the last day will be hunting all morning, then they will be transferred back to Montevideo to catch the return flight to the U.S.

The dove hunting in Uruguay is year round. The Carmelo and Colonia areas are large agricultural areas. Large tracts of sorghum and sunflower are what draw the dove to this area. On an average day expect to fire two to three thousand shells easily every day on doves. It all depends on how much you want to shoot. We encourage shooters to bring small bore shotguns 20 and 28 gauges. Due to the volume of shooting and the close range shooting, there is no sense in bringing 12 gauges. The doves fly all day. We have all eared dove, which is almost identical to the U.S. mourning dove. Every morning starts with a full breakfast at the lodge to get ready to drive up to the dove fields. Most drives to the field are 30 minutes to 1 hour. Regularly shooting will be all day with a big barbecue or “asado” in the field. The barbecue features tender loin, chicken, lamb (if you order), salads, fruits and excellent local Uruguayan wines. We will return to the lodge in plenty of time for a swim, to have a snack and a drink before dinner.