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We have a lot of people asking us this question? How do we get guns into Argentina? Or can we even get guns into Argentina now since they have new regulations?

Well the answer is yes! But there is some fine print you need to go through.
First we need to know if this is the first time you have brought guns into Argentina ….
If you are wanting to bring a semi-automatic shotgun like a Benelli Legacy then you need to go to the Argentinean Consulate in Houston, TX and request a Consulate letter. There are 8 consulates in the United States. This process takes about a week and will cost $40 USD on average. Once you have this step completed you need to give us your gun information so we can submit it to the lodge. In doing so, we will have you gun paperwork completed and have a copy for you and a copy waiting for you at the RENAR office at the Buenos Aires Airport. Once you arrive in Argentina you will need to pay a gun entry of $120 USD.

But here the catch! If you are wanting to bring an O/U or SxS exceeding 24″ you do not need to ask for a Consulate letter before leaving the US. You will only need to submit your regular gun information to your agent or lodge, so we can do the proper paperwork for you.

We have a lot of customers who always prefer to bring their own guns, but if you do not want the hassle and extra baggage fees then you should rent your gun at the lodge. We have very good guns to rent!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 817-253-7369 or by e-mail at malorielcrowell@gmail.com

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